iOS 7 Jailbreak Development Progress: Unsigned Userland Code Execution

PlanetBeing has discovered a userland exploit execution point in iOS 7 for iOS 7 Jailbreak development. Just a day ago, we have reported that PlanetBeing claimed Evad3rs has begun their work to jailbreak iOS 7 on iOS devices before the end of 2013. Evad3rs has reportedly started their work on iOS 7 jailbreak since Apple has launched iOS 7 Gold Master firmware beta to developers, for final testing of iOS 7.


iOS 7 Jailbreak Release:

iOS 7 Jailbreak

A number of sources have already confirmed us that Evad3rs will start their work on jailbreak iOS 7, but not before the rollout of iOS 7 GM for developers. Now we have an iOS 7 GM update, and as well as a quick heads-up from PlanetBeing of Evad3rs. He claimed to have an user-land exploit that allows unsigned code execution on iOS 7 running devices. It is a great victory for iOS hackers in landing Cydia on iOS 7 devices.

The hackers have already saved numerous different exploits for iOS 7 Jailbreak, and now they will use during the development and research of iOS 7 Jailbreak for public. The iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak will come after the initial Jailbreak for iOS 7 on A4 devices. It is said that Evad3rs has decided to prevent general public installing in tethered iOS 7 Jailbreak on A4 devices this year.

iOS 7 Jailbreak ETA Rumor:

We have yet to receive any words from the group on the ETA of iOS 7 Jailbreak utility, but we hope that they have started full time work on jailbreak for iOS 7 running devices. Many members of the Evad3rs group have its own exploits and pieces of information that can be used to crack into iOS 7 security system.

There are no doubts that iOS 7 Jailbreak is very tough for the group as Apple has built the update from scratch to include latest features in it. We have also heard that people are loosing their interest in iOS 7 jailbreak, and believes that no one will release a free jailbreak for iOS 7 running devices.

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