The latest technology from Apple is the iOS 8 download links that has additional features in comparison with previous iOS Apple systems. With so many features added into this new, exciting system, it is hard not to be eager. The iOS 8 download links can only be applied on iPhone models 4s and 5, 5G iPod Touch and all iPad models. There is a 4 step process for the installation which is quite easy. 

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

First, you will need to connect any of the above mentioned Apple devices with iTunes through a USB. Second step is to restore your device to iOS 7.1.1 through iTunes and set the device as a new iPhone. Next step is to download the iOS 8 Beta 1 into your device. The last step will request you to hold onto the SHIFT portal and left click on the iTunes portal stating ‘Check for Updates’. You will then select the iOS 8 you had downloaded on step 3 and wait a few minutes for the complete installation. It is important to note that only UDID (unique device identifier) registered devices can download this new technology. 

Various features have been added to the iOS 8 download links. One of the most interestingly useful features is the ability for the Hey Siri feature to obey your commands such as make lighting adjustments and lock your doors for you. However, this is only applicable with a smart Home Kit-enabled accessory. It can also make your car voice activated assistant easier to employ. The Quick Type feature lets you pick the proper word (one out of three) to use when writing text. Although many people would prefer typing texts the old school style, the big microphone button that helps ease dictation is more than helpful making writing texts easier. 

Another feature is the cloud photo feature that upon paying a $10 fee every month, you can now have your photo library privately and safely saved online. Finally, there is an impressive Continuity feature in the iOS 8 download links that will which will be able to pass things from your iPhone onto your iMac within a short period of time. Try out these iOS 8 download links and experience the best smart technology Apple has yet to offer.

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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak & iOS 8 Download Links Coming Soon!

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