iOS 8 Jailbreak


There is still no iOS 8 jailbreak for the iPad, iPhone or iPod. This new iOS version was just released in september 2014 so it is to soon for some team to have successfully found a jailbreak solution. The good news is that there are many teams working on this jailbreak and it is estimated that the jailbreak will be available anywhere between december 2014 and february 2015.

We will keep you up to date with the first solution that truly jailbreaks an iPad, iPhone and/or iPod. So please come back for updates on the latex news about the solutions to date.

We hope the jailbreak comes sooner than december but it is just a wish so lets hope for the best.

Leave a comment below of your thoughts of which team will be the first to find a solution. Also comment on the date you think the jailbreak will be released.


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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak & iOS 8 Download Links Coming Soon!

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